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Testimonial from Forney, Texas

Jeffery from Forney, Texas

Jenny knew our situation was going to be a challenge. She was willing to take it on. She and I worked together for over a year and a half. We worked through many ups and downs, but this past Friday I was able to close on my very first home. Jenny never quit on us, and always gave me advice on what I needed to do if I really wanted to make this happen. She walked me through every step even to the final days. She has my business and will always get a good word of mouth referral from me and my family. She is an outstanding person, and North Dallas Mortgage is an outstanding company. They all worked really well with my realtor to see us through. She didn't help get us pre-approved just to see us fail she made sure when we were pre-approved we could really go buy a home. Please go visit her at North Dallas Mortgage and I hope you experience what I did.

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